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The company is mainly engaged in the production of large, medium and small series of ordinary and CNC bending machines, shearing machines, presses, laser cutting machines, CNC turret punching machines, three-four roll bending machines, combined punching and shearing machines, hydraulic presses, pipe bending machines. , bending machine, angle cutter, CNC turret punch, blade mold parts, duct production machine, car, milling, planing, grinding, etc., a research, development, production, sales as one of the joint-stock group, professional aviation, Light industry, metallurgy, metalworking, construction, automotive, electric power, decoration and other industries provide the required special machinery and complete sets of equipment.

Forging machinery

Roll forging presses, mechanical pressure forging machines, extrusion forging machines, spiral forging machines, forging machines are metal and mechanical cold working equipment, he only changes the outer shape of the metal. Forging machine includes coiling machine, shearing machine, punching machine, press, hydraulic press, hydraulic press, bending machine, bending machine, sheet metal production line, etc.

Laser Processing

Laser processing technology is a processing technology that uses laser beam to interact with materials to cut, weld, surface, punch and micro-machine materials (including metals and non-metals). As an advanced manufacturing technology, laser processing has been widely used in automotive, electronics, electrical, aerospace, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, etc., and plays an increasingly important role in improving product quality, labor productivity, automation, pollution-free, and material consumption reduction.

Metal Processing

Metal processing, referred to as metalworking, is a process technology that processes metal materials into articles, parts, and components, including large parts such as bridges and ships, and even fine components of engines, jewelry, and watches. It is widely used in different fields such as science, industry, art, and crafts. The process characteristics of the cutting process are determined by the structure of the cutting tool and the relative motion of the cutting tool and the workpiece. Therefore, according to the process characteristics, cutting can be generally divided into: turning, milling, drilling, boring, reaming, planing, cutting, broaching, sawing, grinding, grinding, honing, super finishing, polishing, Gear machining, worm gear machining, thread machining, ultra-precision machining, fitter and scraping, etc.

Advantages of Machinery

Product Service Advantage

Professional pre-sales and after-sales service, stable product quality, innovative product technology, relying on excellent technology and
advanced production and processing equipment, constantly achieve self-value leap, open up the market, mutual benefit and win-win.


The company has established a sound market service system and various systems are mature. Using modern enterprise management methods, through large-scale production, improve product quality and material profit margin, reduce raw material and energy consumption and product rejection rate, reduce product cost, improve cost performance, and increase sales efforts, all over the country and even other The country has sales and service companies to increase the market share of products.


In countless industries, our product solutions are suitable for a wide range of tasks. Our products are widely used in the professional production of decoration, metallurgy, marine, automotive, precision machinery, steel structures, etc. With exquisite design, reasonable price, excellent quality, fast after-sales service and technical support, it has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. It is sold well in more than 20 provinces, cities and districts in China, and exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and Middle East and other countries and regions.


The company uses the management method of modern enterprise, based on the quality management of products, with its excellent quality, novel design, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service, it has won the full trust and praise of the customers, and was rated as “Credit Tax "Human", "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise" and won the honorary title of "National Customer Product Quality Satisfaction, After-sales Service Satisfaction Demonstration Unit", "China's Quality and Reassuring Brand" and "Provincial Famous Trademark".


Unswervingly on the road of innovation, through years of practice and exploration, we have gradually established a research and development system centered on the technology center, and built a research and development service team that brings together a group of first-class technical personnel in the field of metal processing machinery at home and abroad. Mechanical engineers and technicians account for more than 30% of the total number of employees, serving the company's research and development, sales, and after-sales lines to provide customers with the best solutions.

Details of Machinery

Mechanical Equipment Details


Equipment production process flow chart: mechanical design, material analysis, quality comparison, whole process according to standard inspection, steel plate blanking-welding-machining-component assembly, casting (forging)-machining-component assembly, electrical component assembly (hydraulic components Assembly) - assembly of components, assembly of finished product test machine, finished product inspection qualified storage.

  • The fuselage adopts integral welding and machining process. The main components of the fuselage are analyzed by ANSYS finite element analysis software to ensure the reliability of the machine tool and the accuracy of the machine.
  • Hydraulic control adopts cartridge valve integrated system, reliable action, long service life, hydraulic valve group Rexroth, precision and leak-free, independent electrical control system, reliable operation, intuitive operation and convenient maintenance.
  • Blade mold production process: blanking-forging-annealing-roughing-finishing-inspection-quenching-annealing-tempering-roughing-finishing-inspection-packaging and other standardized production processes to ensure the accuracy of finished products
  • CNC system and accessories matching, domestic and imported brands, low-profile system to meet the requirements of simple processing of workpieces, high-matching system to meet complex and cumbersome process requirements, saving time and labor, imported accessories such as motors, valve blocks, lasers, Oil pumps, electrical switches, seals, guides, etc.


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With the adjustment of the national industrial structure, the CNC machine tool industry also needs to gradually adjust the industrial structure to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The development of the Internet has made the communication of personnel in the industry more convenient and more open, effectively promoting the progress and development of the entire industry. Regardless of the industry, R&D innovation is an opportunity for the industry to grow.

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